TheShiftMarketing-COVID-19-Social-Media-Planning-for-small-businessesYour restaurant diners want to know that your venue is taking every precaution to protect them against the COVID-19 virus possible.

It might seem obvious but people do want to know that you are calm and proactive in taking measures to keep them safe. It instills trust with clients/patients and reassures them that you are on top of your game. In addition, taking preemptive measures, like encouraging staff to wear gloves, could protect against bad press and bad Yelp reviews down the line.

COVID-19 restaurant marketing communications your restaurant should be employing:

  1. Communicate with your Social Media followers. Post about your cleanliness. Yes, its redundant. Yes, all restaurants are doing it. Yes, you should be too.
  2. Email your lists (ex: Due to the recent health concerns over COVID-19, __ restaurant has taken extra steps to ensure the safety of our guests and staff. They include ___. We always have our guest’s safety and well being above all. We will take all necessary steps to ensure we continue this trend.)
  3. Put notices up in visible locations. This is not only to remind your guests what you are doing but to remind them that you are reminding your staff.
  4. Go back to providing great service, great food, and escape from reality, and having fun.

Cleanliness steps should include the following:

  • Wearing and changing gloves whenever possible
  • Additional disinfecting of tables, chairs, high top, bar counters, bar rails, bathroom doors, entry and exit doors.
  • Virus killing gel sanitizers gel sanitizers will be available throughout the restaurant. Please be sure to take advantage of these upon entry and prior exiting.
  • We will be using pre-wrapped straws only. Available upon request.
  • Vigorous glass washing and sanitizing procedure will be implemented.
  • Fruit garnishes for cocktails will be available upon request. We will not be squeezing any fresh fruit juice beverages..
  • Any parties, celebrations or any social events where food is normally served buffet style will be temporarily amended so that food is served by a member of our staff.
  • An additional cleaning crew has been hired for an extra shift each day. As a social and digital media management agency, our advice is to be proactive about your digital presence. Taking these measures early will help your business prepare internally as well. For assistance with your digital media marketing contact