How Ads Work

Not all ads are created equal, and not all ad managers are created equal. Facebook and Instagram Ads run on an auction system — the ads that are closest to your targets interests will be able to place the ads for a lower rate.

For example, if you run ads about bikinis to 24-36 year old women in South Florida, it is going to run much cheaper than running the same ads to 65 year old women in Kansas. Likewise, using that same 24-36 year old Miami/Fort Lauderdale target, showing them Insurance ads will cost much more than showing them ads for medical spa marketing or Botox. The key here is knowing your target, and strategically targeting them to minute detail. The difference on a $1,000 budget can be tens of thousands of ad views, and hundreds of leads.

Successfully run ads for a third of a penny!


Location-Specific Ads

Instagram Ads are one of the most powerful ways to market online today. With starting budgets as low as $1000, our Facebook ads have the potential to reach tens of thousands of potential customers in dedicated locations.

Ads for Facebook Page Likes

Grow your Facebook Page likes with Facebook Ads.


Ads for Instagram Followers

Proven success growing Instagram accounts to 100,000 followers and up.

We have 4 proprietary Instagram growth strategies for growing Instagram followers. Please note this service is not available as a stand-alone service, and is only available for existing social media clients.

Additional Services

  • On-Site Photography
  • Custom Designed Content
  • Follower Growth
  • Instagram Stories
  • Story Highlights
  • Retargeting Ads
  • Customer Relationship Building

Find out how we can increase your customer base with social media marketing.

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