Why Hire A Social Media Strategist?

Isn’t it pretty easy – just scheduling posts?


There’s so much more that a Social Media Strategist adds to create a successful social media strategy that fills your restaurant, sells out your products, or gets more qualified leads on your posts, products, and services.

Below are my top 5 reasons for hiring an expert to manage your social media accounts:

5. Prevent Burnout Or Giving Up
A successful social media strategy is similar to the slow and steady rhythm of a long distance marathon. It takes time to build the momentum and quality results.

If you are impatient and know that you won’t be able to commit for the long haul, save yourself the stress, and hire a professional social media manager to run it for you.

Consistency is key to keeping your social media accounts active and seen, and if you aren’t able to see yourself putting in consistent effort day in and day out, it’s better to leave it to the experts.

4. Prevent Going Down the Rabbit Hole
Facebook and Instagram are undeniably interesting, fun, and addictive and distracting.

If you find yourself distracted by the photos, updates from friends, and boundless ideas and political bickering, instead of focusing on the other important things that will grow your business, it may be time to hire a Social Media Manager or Strategist.

You got into business to do what you love to do, and what you do well — not to get sucked down a social media rabbit hole and lose hours of time (and sleep).

And, if you’re of the rare breed who hold a disdain from Social Media, then hiring someone to manage it is going to feel like a massive relief!

3. Let Someone Else Be The Expert
Being a small business owner can be exhausting. Learning the neverending tech updates, for every single platform and product you use on a daily basis can make you feel like you are slowing drowning in cement.

If you can’t imagine keeping up with best practices in one more area of your business, or even learning how to get started, then it’s best to hire an expert to take care of the day-to-day.

This will leave you free to do what you do best – focusing on the meat and bones of your business, and doing it well.
Let’s be honest — doesn’t that make more financial sense than putting yourself out learning yet another platform?

2. Making sense of the Metrics and Numbers
If the idea of learning how to understand the reporting that’s available on both the Facebook, Instagram, Hootsuite or Later back ends feels overwhelming, you aren’t alone.

For a lot of people, the Facebook analytics pages read like gibberish. They have no idea what numbers to focus on, and they don’t have the time or patience to learn how to become an expert in the reporting.

A Facebook or Instagram strategist knows this stuff – and they provide monthly reporting that makes sense to the non-technical business owners who just want to know the facts, like how they are really doing – using numbers that are palpable and digestible.

1. Knowing What To Do with Analytics and Reported Stats
When you hire a social media manager, they will know what to DO with those numbers – what to tweak, what to lean into, and what to do differently.

That’s what it takes to build a successful social media strategy, and it’s the most valuable reason to hire a specialist.

Posting all over the place without paying attention to the numbers isn’t likely to grow your business, and is a waste of time and money.