With so many similar titles it can be hard to figure out the difference between a Social Media Manager and a Social Media Strategist.

It’s tempting to pick the cheapest option available and hope for the best.

But, if your Facebook and Instagram strategies aren’t already bringing in leads and sales, then cheaper is not going to equal better.

Maybe you’re just now ready to branch into social media marketing. Maybe you already have a social media presence and want someone to take over from you. In either case, the looming question is most likely, “how can I tell if I’m picking the right social media manager, marketer, or strategist for my business?”

A Social Media Marketer is Akin to an Assistant for Facebook, Instagram, or other Social Media Networks
Usually, they are in their first 1-3 years using social media professionally (ie, checking statistics, competitor analysis, professional photoshopping), and they may have limited skills when it comes to optimizing your account and identifying problem areas. They may typically charge less for their services because of this.

A social media manager can be a great addition to your team if you are just getting started in business or have a smaller budget. It can be a cost-effective way to manage an existing account, and maintain a positive outward impression of being current and up to date.

A Social Media Manager Is Like A Middle Manager
A Social Media Manager is more practiced at social media marketing than a than a Social Media Marketer, but doesn’t consider themselves a strategist (yet).

Their core skills are usually planning posts, ensuring that the posts are reaching a growing amount of people each month. There is seldom focus on routinely re-crafting social media plans.

Their costs are usually middle-of-the-line — midway between a Social Media Marketer and a Social Media Strategist.

They can get you most of the way, most of the time, but they may not have all of their skills dialed right in yet.

A Social Media Strategist, On The Other Hand, Is A Social Media (and Funnel) Expert

She (or he!) is likely more expensive, due to the learning and experience they have gained in all things social media. Their skill set includes things like algorithm changes, keywords, SEO, branding & graphics, funnel mechanics, and more.

A Social Media Strategist can offer strategies, methods, and tools to actively grow traffic to your website. They have the ability to identify and quickly fix issues before they become big problems.

At The Shift Marketing, we are experts in both Social Media Marketing, Management, and funnel creation.

We’re routinely investing time, resources and effort into keeping our skills sharp. From industry best practices to keeping myself up-to-date on any changes coming up, we’ve got you covered. This allows us to provide our clients with the best service possible.

With a breadth of marketing and copywriting knowledge, I do way more than just fill your social media queue.
We are a valued partner in the growth of our client’s businesses.

Skyrocket Your Business With A Well-Thought-Out Facebook and Instagram Strategy

A Social Media Strategist is likely right for you and your business if you’re:
tired of the investing in social media, and seeing the same results month over month
ready to grow your website traffic

We’ll focus on getting your content onto Facebook and Instagram in the best way for your niche. And, we’ll use proven strategies that match both your business and your preferred outcomes.

A Social Media Strategist creates the strategic plan that takes you from point A to point Z. And we do it faster and easier than doing it yourself.

From selecting keywords, to crafting Facebook Ad Strategies; from setting up SEO, to testing images and understanding all the reporting data coming at you, your Social Media Strategist has you covered.

Are You Ready To Hire A Social Media Strategist?

Are you ready to hire someone to create a professional strategy for your social account?

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