Trust a MedSpa Marketing Expert

Our dedication to generating an ROI comes first. With our vast experience in marketing in the medical and medical spa fields we are able to target potential medical spa patients, capture leads via appointments, and build internal systems to retain medspa patients over years. 

Medspa Marketing Services

● Medical Copywriters
● HIPPA-Compliant Content
● New Patient Lead Generation
● Patient Retention Plans

● Reputation Management
● Custom Facebook Content
Branded Instagram Posts
● Instagram Followers

Proven Medical Marketing Experience

With our vast experience in working in the medspa field, we are acutely aware of how to market different medspa services online based on the target demographic and marketing avenues. For us, no two medspa marketing procedures should be marketed in the same way.

For example, PRP for hair regeneration would have a completely different strategy to PRP facials. We might use different marketing channels, definitely different ad content, and likely different ad formats (ie, video might work for PRP ads to men who require patient education, but not women who, 4 years into the PRP trend now are now familiar with it. Thus for the women we would need ads showing results versus educating).

This is jut one example of the many many intricacies of medical spa marketing. With the high profitability in the industry the competition for digital marketing is strengthening by the day, and its increasingly important to be spending your money (and efforts) strategically to achieve the maximum ROI on your marketing dollars.

Websites for Medspas

When it’s time to create a website for your medical spa, there are a few things to consider:
● Does this agency understand my demographics?
● Do they know what my clients are looking for?
● How will they gain my customers trust?
● Can they create a website that causes potential patients to book appointments?
● Do they have experience creating powerful call-to-actions?
● Do they have medical copywriters on hand who are familliar with writing about PRP, threadlifts, and the various strengths and applications of cosmetic injectables in medical terms?

SEO for MedSpas

Given our deep understanding of the services offered by Medspas and the mindset of their customers, we are able to create detailed websites that are specifically designed to rank on Google.

For example, with medical spa SEO, we understand that “Botox” is a highly competitive keyword with a low ROI for most urban medspas. In certain cities it would require years of SEO work before getting on the first page of Google for the keyword “Botox”. With this knowledge and experience we are able to properly prepare our clients for the costs associated with marketing each different procedure, and focus our marketing on channels that are more likely to generate a strong ROI. In 2018 other procedures, like Threadlifts, are offering a higher ROI with very little competition, making SEO and Google AdWords a viable option for clients looking to invest in medium-term marketing solutions.

Read more about our SEO services for medical spas here.

Professional Facebook Management Medspas

● Professionally designed Facebook content
● Full page setup
● Increased followers and engagement
● More effective page content
● Professional Facebook Ads

What We Can Do For Your Medspa

● Create a tailored medical spa marketing strategy that works for your specific med spa by accentuating your most profitable sales and revenue streams.
● Our medical copywriters have experience writing about a wide variety of medspa services, tools, and techniques to explain your medspa’s services in your brand’s voice and tone. (Understanding of HIPPA compliance).
● In-depth medical marketing experience with the best medical marketing tools and applications to run your business, including appointment-setting applications, mass text programs, email marketing platforms, and more.
● A deep understanding and connection to the current medspa marketing trends, including the most successful marketing verticals for each demographic and medical procedure. We use exclusively the most current and most successful marketing methods on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

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