“You’re passionate about making your business successful. I’m passionate about sharing your company’s products and services with the people who need it. With a data-driven marketing strategy and consistent implementation  we have achieved consistent results across multiple verticals. From pharmacies to restaurants and hotels to spas and medical spas, we take successful businesses, and make them MORE successful.

Meet our Woman at the Helm

Ashley’s bio should prove to be 3 parts entertaining, 4 parts informative.

Ashley’s background in journalism and graphic design started from a young age. (Like 10!) Her first photography class (think pinhole shoebox cameras and hanging prints to dry with laundry clips) was in 7th grade. Her first yearbook design class was in middle school (Shoutout to Sawgrass Springs Middle in Coral Springs, Florida!)

By 8th grade she started an online magazine (then dubbed “ezines”) from her AOL account. Bubbles, as it was named, was delivered to your email box fully designed with characters and glyphs, including five different kinds of bubbles (O0o°õ), which actually made adorable emailable header bars for those times. Bubbles had five contributing writers and 180 teenage subscribers. One print version of the ezine still exists in circulation.

Her first hand photo cropper touched her fingertips at 15, when she joined her highschool yearbook club. Her first photoshop project was a Sesame Street wall calendar (no joke!). (That was also when Photoshop was still a proper noun.) By 9th grade she was the copy editor of her high school newspaper. (“Quark Express” was then the editorial platform of the future.) By 10th, editor in chief of a nationally award-winning high school yearbook from the communications magnet school Deerfield Beach Senior High [Project: The Boxed Set].

Her passion for graphic design flourished when she worked for The Mixx NYC, a multi million dollar advertising company in New York City. She worked directly under the director and the lead graphic designer (both of whom she attributes her clean vector style of design, and will be forever and eternally grateful. Shout out to Robyn Streisand and Lisa Delaney of

Ashley attended the Art Institute of New York and received a Bachelor’s degree from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida — with honorable title of best graphic design portfolio. Before graduating she created the entire brand platform for NVEEE, a South Florida anti bullying organization for which she served on the Board of Directors and Chief Marketing Opperator for six years.

She opened The Shift Agency directly out of college with a focus on logo design and branding — think: dozens and dozens of logos backed by 10 page branding strategies.

Ashley also spent several years in one of the most challenging facets of digital marketing, content marketing. Having studied with and personally taught by some of the biggest names in the content marketing world (Marc Anastasi, Corinna and Steven Essa to name a few,) Ashley’s passion for digital marketing took on a whole new demeanor. She spent several years creating landing pages and Facebook ads and building custom lead databases. This was also the beginning of her relationships with the best of the best foreign talents in the world.

She simultaneously spent three years training with one of the world’s leading personal and professional training and development companies whereby her ability to organize and lead were developed. The final piece of the puzzle came together when she positioned herself in a social media management role whereby she was an account manager for several local and global brands. Her many years of experience finally came full-circle when she leveraged all of her skillets into one full-force digital marketing company in her early 30s.

“It was as if everything I had ever learned finally came together to create the career of my dreams.”

If you haven’t met our woman at the helm, call us right now and say “I saw your website and I read I was supposed to talk to Ashley before anything else!” Seriously. Those are her favorite kinds of calls. 954-780-6080.

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