Social Media Marketing for MedSpas

Custom Marketing Strategy

  • Not every Medspa offers the same services. And so, we offer a tailored fit marketing strategy that works for your specific med spa by having an in depth study of your sales and revenue streams.
  • Get quality experience of your personalize marketing strategy.
  • A strategy tailored for your desired results.
  • Work one-on-one with your personal account manager.
  • Quality custom content.
  • Social Media exposure.
  • Tailored Facebook ads.
  • Increased Instagram followers.

Custom Designed Content for the Medical Field

Given our deep understanding of the services offered by the Medical field and the mindset of their patients, we are able to create detailed websites that are specifically designed to rank on Google. Read more about our SEO services here.

How The Shift is Different

  • We develop profitable long-term relationships with our clients, without locking them into contracts.
  • We help you develop and interpret data to increase the ROI in your most profitable products.
  • All of our clients get our proprietary patient retention plans to accelerate and maximize their rebooking ratios.
  • Our content creation team is educated in the medical field, including team members who currently work with hospitals, medical spas and doctors, and/or have degrees in the medical field.

Our Vast Experience

When hiring a medspa marketing team, experience is everything. For example,  By taking advantage of our existing expertise we are able to streamline your marketing verticals, create more effective Facebook ads, communicate complex medical processes clearly, and offer a slew of valuable tools and resources to help your medspa opperate sucessfully.

Success from Facebook ads does not come from reaching lots of people. It comes from reaching the right peopleWe help clients capitalize on Facebook’s wide market reach (about a half a million people from Fort Lauderdale to Boca Raton) by narrowing in on and the targets that are likely to produce an ROI, with the messages they need to hear. We have run hundreds of Facebook Ads for medical spas and know which products, verbiage, and targets create engagement or leads, and can save you a great percent of your ad investment by focusing the target clearly.

Copywriting for companies in the medical field requires a medical mindset. With our a strong understanding of the services offered (from PRP to HRT), and experience in communicating these complex ideas with patients, our medical copywriters are able to communicate them in your brands voice and tone in a way that potential patients will appreciate.

We possess an in-depth understanding of the best medical marketing applications needed to run your business, including appointments setting apps, mass text programs, email marketing platforms, and can assist you in setting up your business as seamlessly as possible to help you garner a greater ROI.

On Trend

  • Most up-to-date Facebook marketing methods
  • Video Timelines on Facebook
  • Instagram Stories
  • Deep Hashtag analysis
  • The latest Instagram growth techniques to maximize your followers

Success Shown In Our Numbers

Advanced Social Media Marketing Team

Our Medspa Marketing Team is expert at creating content for services from Botox to PRP, and IV Therapy to Threadlifts. With years of experience marketing for several South Florida, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Deerfield and other Florida medspas, we understand all of the latest procedures offered at medspas across the country.


Content Manager, Brand Moderator


Content Creator, Med Spa Expert


Social Media Growth Expert


SEO for Med Spas Expert

Find out how we can increase your customer base with social media marketing.