Facebook Events are one of the best ways to build online relationships with offline brands. They are the bridge between the offline experience tasting your product, listening to your music, driving your car, visiting your restaurant, shopping in your store, and then following that brand online.

Let’s say you’re a public figure, a brand, or a product… and a company that you’ve partner with on a promotion has created a Facebook Event.

Maybe you are a charity that is having an event at a well-known restaurant with a well-known liquor sponsor and a product sponsor. Instead of each creating your own Facebook Events, you’re able to create one event and all share co-hosting rights. This enables the same event to appear on all of your Facebook Pages, and to collectively work to build the event.

  1. It Enlivens Your Brand – By accepting all of your co-host invites your own brand appears more fun, engaged, and relevant.
  2. It encourages Viral Growth – The more people who are interested in an event, the more people Facebook will show the event to. Once a few people who are friends on Facebook RSVP to an event, Facebook will start showing that event to more people in their network. By joining forces, you have a greater chance at collectively making the event viral.
  3. Each of you would then be able to add your own advertising money to the event to boost it, making it more successful for everyone.
  4. Each page is permitted to comment on the event wall, and to engage with all of the attendees, no matter which co-host brought them. When any co-host comments, (without spamming) it benefits all the Co-Hosts in that activity to the Event Page fuels the event algorithm.
  5. Follow-up – This enables you to thank attendees via the Facebook Event even after the even concludes, and remind them of the participating brands. Its a great final opportunity to engage with more followers, reinforce your brand, and convert them to your own fans.
    Ex: “We hope you enjoyed our vodka. Follow our page for more events and opportunities to try our products for free.”

This is a major mistake we see liquor brands doing all the time. They promote events, and give free or discounted liquor to different vendors. Let’s say it’s ladies night, and the ladies are drinking your complementary vodka all night long. Somewhere in the back of their mind they may or may not remember what brand of vodka they are drinking. Luckily for you, the restaurant or club created a Facebook Event for this and you are a Co-Host. Facebook is the perfect place to communicate with them and invite them to your next events.

Sidenote: This is not exclusive to the entertainment industry. Too many times we see medical spas host beauty events, they get 10 sponsors. There’s 260 RSVPs, 40 attendees. A new skincare line donated 40 products. The 40 attendees loved it. But a week later they don’t remember the brand name. Why not? No one followed up with them. And what about the other 220 people who RSVPed? We could easily message them and offer them samples.

People love Events on Facebook. In fact, it has become one of Facebook’s most widely used features, and one of the ones that is exclusive to Facebook (versus IG), and is not going away. Learning to use Facebook Events for your business is critical to your Facebook strategy.

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