Nothing in life is guaranteed. Your marriage is not guaranteed, the future of our country is not guaranteed, and your favorite local restaurant  having fresh croissants today is not guaranteed. Neither are your marketing results.

In her book Embracing Uncertainty, Susan Jeffers writes “ A real expert of the best kind will tell you, “To the best of our knowledge at the present time, this is the information we have. Future research may prove us wrong.”

It works exactly the same for SEO, SEM, and Facebook marketing.

Just as we cannot guarantee that the love of your life will still love you in 10 years, we cannot guarantee that the marketing strategies of today will work tomorrow. Can we study the worlds best SEO professionals? Yes. Can we implement their ideas to perfection? Yes. Can we guarantee that we will have the same results that they did? No.

In the same way that Google updated their SEO analytics years ago with the penguin update that caused hundreds of thousands of top ranking websites to drastically decline in the rankings virtually overnight, we never know if Google will implement another strategy like that. It’s quite possible that overnight all of the strategies that Google accepted as reasonable and appropriate SEO growth techniques will no longer be allowed.

The same holds true for Facebook Ads. Do we know how to implement pixels, and test different products and program e-commerce retargeting ads to specific buyers with products that are similar to their recent views? Absolutely. Can we guarantee that our results will be identical to your competitors? No way. There’s far too many variables at play, including the favorability of your brand, the page load speed on your website, the amount of external competition for your direct product, and also within your marketing platforms. (Given the rapid growth on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the results you see today, will not be the result you see tomorrow.)

As marketers we’re constantly reinventing the wheel to test new formats and functions to achieve your desired results. That’s what you ultimately want out of a digital marketer – someone who knows the groundwork, knows how to get results, and is constantly researching and fighting to find the latest greatest techniques to keep your business at the top of its game. THAT is what we can promise.