What is SEO Marketing?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Optimizing a website so that Search Engines can find the website, read what is on it, categorize the site, and gauge the popularity of the website.

That’s it! That’s all it is!

How Do You Do SEO?

There are hundreds of different SEO strategies used to improve a website’s rankings — hundreds! Our SEO formula always starts with our proprietary blend of 51 steps we use to get ranked on your website alone — that’s before backlinking or any off-page work. Some of those steps include naming your photos and files with keywords, reducing file sizes and page load times, setting up a solid website navigation, setting up Google Analytics and evaluating crawl errors, etc.

Then there’s the offpage work: building link wheels, getting links from high authority domains, boosting your social media engagement, etc.

The Shift’s SEO Strateies

Our team is comprised of a wide range of experts who work together to produce the type of versatility and force that our competitors can only dream of. With a team of copywriters, metadata experts, backlinkers, and analysts, we’re able to cover a wide range of SEO skillsets under one roof.

Our SEO Process

1. Conversion Costs VS Conversion Rates

The secret that most SEO experts won’t tell you: The first step in your SEO process is always to ensure that your website can convert enough people into paying customers to justify the cost of SEO.

Evaluating your data with a fine-tooth comb week after week to pinpoint the gauges that are not working in your SEO requires a very particular kind of brain. To be done well, it requires a very analytical brain with a passion for problem solving, and creativity. it is simply not something that everyone can do.

For that reason, 90% of SEO companies are forced to work off of quantity, not quality. Their focus is to get as many as accounts as possible, and perform the basic tasks needed to get a website ranked on Google. These kinds of SEO companies need to take on hundreds of accounts to make money. Since they need to take on a large number of accounts they cannot afford to turn away potential clients who don’t stand to make money.

At the shift we’re different, we’re selective about the clients we take on, and only work with those who we can develop a long-term relationship with. In order to develop a long-term relationship with your company needs to be making a profit from our efforts. Therefore, we can only take take on clients who’s conversion rates are going to justify our SEO costs.

Together, we will do some simple math to figure out the lifetime value of your customers, and the cost of marketing in your industry.

2. Develop an Effective Website that Converts

There’s no point in investing thousands of dollars on SEO for a website that can not convert it’s visitors into paying customers.

Updating a website convertible can be very simple. We can start with a few set goals, like adding call-to-actions, engaging headlines, and easy navigation, to make Updating your website a very simple process that can translate into dollars down the line.

3. Competitor Analysis & Keyword Research

Before we can implement an SEO plan, we need to know who we are competing with for those top placements on Google, and what they’re doing online to rank. We need to know:

1. What your competitors who are ranking well are doing.
2. What keywords are most used in your industry.
3. What your current ability to rank for those keywords is.

This keyword research gives us a game plan for how to structure your website navigation, blog posts, product descriptions, website copy and more.

4. Analytics setup & review

We use Google Analytics to detect and fix any potential problems that might interfere with your Google rankings. It also allows us to see how specific keywords impact your traffic and/or sales.

5. Website Audit

Our SEO experts will analyze every aspect of your website. We’ll investigate everything we can about it: your traffic patterns, current monthly website views, where people start/stop looking at your site (known as the drop-off). We’re telling you- we look at the goods and the blemishes alike.
We utilize a proven 51-point SEO tasklist to place your website at the top of Google. A brief taste of the items that we’ll fix during your website audit:
● Disperse your target keywords throughout your website. By using keywords in your titles, meta descriptions, page copy and even your images, we start improving your rankings right away.
● Ensure your URL structures contain real words, including your keywords, and that they are set up in such a way that search engines can read what is on your site based on your URLs.
● Ensure that your navigation is set up in such a way that people know how to find what they’re looking for, and so do the search engines.
● Duplicate copy check – Copying content from other websites, including your own can ruin your SEO results. We are able to detect duplicate copy on your websites, and replace it with real, authentic copy that will get higher Google rankings.
● Review the websites that are linking back to yours. We’ve all heard about back linking Dash it’s when another website, with a strong Authority on the web links back to yours. Having weak websites link back to yours can be detrimental to your SEO, And since the domain Authority for different websites is always changing, it’s important to keep on top of which ones are helping to improve your search engine rankings, and which are and hurting you.

6. Link Building Campaigns

Link building is an essential component in any SEO campaign. The basic concept is that if high value websites (those that get hundreds of clicks weekly like the New York Times) link to your business, search engines view your site as having greater authority. It’s not just about building links, though. It’s about finding the right links, both in terms of quantity and quality. We look for high DA (domain authority websites), which is their measure of how trustworthy they are, and link with the most/best to boost your site’s credibility. (Said an easier way, if South Florida’s Sun Sentinal Newspaper, or other highly credible site, is talking about your website (linking), then Google deems you as credible too, and gives you a higher ranking authority.)

Depending on your SEO needs, we are also able to build powerful Link Wheels (also known as Blog Wheels) to drive massive amounts of links to your domain.

7. Social media campaigns
Social media campaigns are highly effective at increasing your Google rankings. In order for a social media campaign to be effective, though, it must be properly and persuasively tailored to your audience. The more people are interacting with your brands, the higher your credibility is. Therefore, more likes and shares incite higher google rankings.
8. Search engine ranking reporting
We provide manual rankings reports. That means all of our rankings for each keyword are counted manually for each result. This gives us two advantages: 1. By relying on manual labor we’re sure we get accurate results each time. 2. It keeps our SEO experts on top of your keyword results for each phrase, so they’re always aware of which keywords or keyphrases need the most attention.
9. Repeat with keyword research
Keyword research isn’t a one-time exercise. As your site begins to build traffic, you should always be on the lookout for new potentially-valuable keywords, and, as we build authority with longertail keywords we can progress to dominate high-target keywords.


No-obligation, complimentary SEO, Social Media, or Brand Evaluation

There are limitless levels of SEO. You can start with the basics for as little as 120 hours per month, and work your way up to 1200 hours per month — it all depends on your unique needs.

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