Regardless of the size of your business, you have likely had the experience of having more than one social media network account and don’t have much time to manage them all. Updating each and replying to comments is an arduous task.

So, should you try get a social management tool? Or should you manage it yourself?


Doing it on your own might be your first option. Since your hands on to all your social media accounts, you’ll be able to monitor your content. Plus, it there’ll be no additional cost for it. That would be a good idea if you can devote at least a minimum of 32 hours a month per one social media platform. You don’t want to leave your social engagements whenever you just have some free time.

Oh sure, you can delegate it to one of your employees who’ll only work on it during office hours. There’s a higher chance that you guys will miss all the action because most audience engagements happens after office hours.

Social media presence plays a big factor in good customer relationship. Then, does using Social Management tools might be the best option?

We tried them all. From Sprout Social to ask to White to see, we have tried and tested all of the social media platforms available on the web today.

Our conclusion: While some of these platforms do offer some great resources in an easy to navigate format, they’re designed for people who do not know are not familiar with the back end of Facebook’ business manager. Business manager is more challenging to use, but provides first hand detail on the inside, and analytics, and inside workings of your Facebook page. It is the most reliable, dependable, and professional platform to use for social media management.

Additionally, it is been shown that posts that are scheduled with a third-party application (like SproutSocial) are not seen as frequently as content that is published directly through the Facebook platform. Time after time, we have seen a reduced visibility in the organic reach of posts that are published with a third-party app.

What would bring you great results and not being tied up doing all the work?

You might want to consider outsourcing your social media management. Outsourcing can guarantee consistent social media presence while establishing your brand with your own tone and voice. Offering you a tailored fit marketing strategy according to your desired result and budget. They also have expertise in how to build a fanbase on social media and up to date to trends and marketing tools.

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