SEO For MedSpas

Real SEO Results for our Medical & Medspa Clients

In this Instagram Story compilation we show how one of our longtime Medspa clients received 30,000 website views. With a custom designed website with over 1200 words per page on over 30 pages we achieved #1 placement on Google for over 50 keywords like “West Palm Beach Botox”. The result was 116 clicks per month to the “Book Appointment” button. At a 50% conversion ratio at $500 avg spend per service totaled a shocking estimated $29,000 per month in gross revenue. Those are real SEO Results for Medical Industry.

Success Shown In Our Numbers

Medical Marketing Experience Matters

With our vast experience in working with many medical businesses, we know how to market each medspa uniquely online.

For example, we understand that Botox is a highly competitive keyword with a low ROI, and in certain cities would require years of SEO work before garnering any results. By having this knowledge ahead of time, were able to properly prepare our clients for the costs and risks associated with marketing each service that your medspa offers. Other procedures, like Threadlifts, Offer a high ROI with very little competition, making SEO and Google AdWords a viable option for newer medspas who are looking to invest in short-term marketing solutions.

SEO for Medical Spas

Mobile Responsive Websites

  • We do mobile optimized website to increase your SEO.
  • A responsive website automatically adapts the layout and content to fit the device you’re reading it on.
  • Website visitors uses different devices like a widescreen desktop monitor, smaller desktop (or laptop), tablet and the mobile phone
  • Provides your website visitors with a great user experience.
  • We do an evaluation of your website to determine if a new one is needed or if we can use your existing website.

Custom SEO Copywriting

  • We make sure we fuel enough content on your website to impact your search rankings.
  • We put 300-1200 words per page to have a significant effect in rankings.
  • It gives us opportunities to interlink pages.
  • It gives users more facts and information.
  • It makes you a reputable source of content which is more likely to increase your Google ranking.
  • Users stay longer on the page which increases the SEO ranking.
  • It gives people a reason to revisit the site when you’re a good source of information.

Rich Text with use of Bold and Interlinks

  • We use Bold.
  • We use convenient dual navigation.
  • We use Interlinks that connects to the deal’s page and special’s page.

Powerful Call To Actions

Additional Digital Marketing Solutions For Your MedSpa

● Mobile-Responsive Websites
● Booking Appointment System Integrations
● Boost Google Rankings
● Initial SEO Report to find Problem Areas
● Monthly Comprehensive SEO Reports
● Improve Facebook Ads based on your SEO Reports
● Increase Your Instagram Followers
● Up-to-Date Trending Social Marketing Ideas

Find out how we can increase your customer base with medical spa marketing.