Our Team

Each person brought onboard is the best of each industry – the best SEO guy in South Florida, the best graphic designer in Fort Lauderdale, and the best project manager in Boca Raton.


Years of experience: 9
Position: President & CEO

Ashley established The Shift to provide reputation management for small businesses. She provides the leadership and forward thinking that have gotten us to where we are today.


Years of experience: 11
Position: CFO

Mr. Doulass has an education in business & finance with 11 years experience helping both small business and large industries improve business performance.


Years of experience: 6
Position: Project Manager

Before joining us,Jen worked for several international social media marketing companies.She brings a wealth of experience to the online marketing and project management team.


Years of experience: 2
Position: SEO Team Manager

Ashok is the lead manager of our Search Engine Marketing team. He runs a no-thrills ship when it comes to managing his Google Rankings team.

Project Manager

Jen is nicknamed our favorite, because, well, she does error-proof work, and is by far our best content poster (we’re biased because she was one of our firsts and we’re never letting her go!)

Social Media Content Manager

Nikka’s knack for creating color-themed instagram pages and cute captions make her an Insta-pro. Her design and color style have attributed to her building Instagram pages with 10k followers in 6 months.

Graphics & Social Media Content Creator

Christina’s artsy and playful spirit show in all of her designs. Bright colors, fun effects, and a smidge of seriousness will set the tone.

Graphics Designer

Michelle is an independent graphic designer, and when it comes to graphics that pop, she’s IT! She’s been doing graphic design for some of our mutual hotel clients for 7 years, and when we saw her work, we asked them if we could snatch her up! Her designs are an asset to our team, and might just be the thing to take your website or social media graphics from zero to hero!

Web Design

Lolita — when it comes to seamless, flawless, designs you want Lolita. Her work is simple, clean, and perfect. She does everything 100% the first time, and trust us, when it comes to web deisgn, that should be of upmost concern.

SEO Team Manager

Ashok heads up one of our SEO teams. With a team of 6 behind him, he excels at creating powerful results in a short period of time. And he’s wicked with metadata.

SEO Strategist

Tom is who we call our big-gun SEO. For more complex projects requiring more competative SEO, Tom is your guy. Together we build complex content-rich strategies that span virtually every social media platform possible.

Just when your company has implemented successful seo strategies, and you think you’re on top of your game, Tom is going to wow you. His work is not just effective — its efficient and its SMART. The Kind of SEO strategies you don’t see every day. We’re talking top 12 internet marketers in the world smart. Tom can make your websites dominate every industry, and create click-to-call ads (where people click the page and it dials your number) that bring in thousands of dollars per day.

You spend almost half of your life working. You have to love what you do!