The most asked questions in the digital marketing business is “How to build a fanbase on social media?” “How to grow my followers?” “How can I get more likes on Instagram?”

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business Social Media Marketing is hands down, the most effective way of marketing right now… IF you do it right. Successful business owners are able to effectively engage with their audience at record low costs.

First, let’s take away the stress that the quantity of followers is more important than the quality right now. It’s not! Quality followers is everything! They are the start of building your network. Think of them as the vice presidents and chairholders of your tribe. If you build strong relationships with them from the start, they will remain loyal throughout and they will influence the interaction styles of future followers.

Additionally, responding to the people who comment on your posts does two things: 1. It’s just plain polite. and 2. It makes them want to continue engaging with you. And as a bonus, it further fosters your relationship with them.

On a more technical level, this also plays into how Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms work. The percentage of followers who are communicating with you accounts for a huge percentage of the algorithm’s willingness to distribute your content in the news feeds, on the popular page, and in suggestions.

The best way is to invite the people who know and trust your brand to follow the brand online as well. These are going to be the people who engage with you the most on social media and who are the best advocates online. So the best way is inviting your current followers to follow you on social media, and then talk to them!

Only once you have a solid relationship with your existing followers is it time to grow your audience. Not before!


Here are our 3 insider tips to attract new followers:


1. Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook — with the right Facebook Ad Manager — can be the smartest decision you’ll ever make. Imaging tapping 1 billion users who spend most of their time browsing Facebook. You can also target a specific audience by demographics, gender, age, interests and etc. The key is finding a dedicated Facebook Ads Expert who yields high ROIs on your ads. Request a consult with our Facebook Ads Expert to examine your existing Facebook Ads, or create a custom campaign for you.


2. Ask your staff members to engage with you online by performing these effective tricks:

● Let them 
post a review about your company on Facebook, Google plus or Yelp.

This helps the organic reach in Facebook’s recommendations and will improve search engine results.

● Request your staff to share their favorite post per week onto their own Facebook wall and groups. 

Peer recommendation is more trustworthy than advertising and this will strengthen your Social brand. Group interactions builds great connections and not to mention a great networking strategy.

● Tell your staff members to participate more on your posts by liking and leaving comments regularly.

High number of interactions gives a positive appearance. Their friends will also see the the posts / page on advertisements or on their News Feeds.


3. Ask the customers to like your page (sometimes in exchange for a discount)

People most of the time comply with rewards and incentives. Again, the page and posts will show to their friends’ news feed.

Follow these proven ideas and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to build a follower base… and it all starts with creating authentic content and getting your team involved.

If you want a more in-depth social media engagement strategy, contact a trusted and experienced social media marketing company. The Shift Marketing has a vast experience in SEO and Social media marketing.

Do you agree with these simple strategic tips? Leave a comment and let us know.