Quality, Integrity, and Ability

Welcome to The Shift, your premier coaching agency serving clients in Fort Lauderdale, Chicago and worldwide. As the sole coach, I specialize in personalized coaching services to elevate your confidence, visibility, and results.

Your success and growth are my greatest commitment. With a focus on your individual needs, I am dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and unlock your full potential. Through our tailored approach, we will work together to create a transformative experience that brings out the best in you and your business.

While most entrepreneurs and business owners are slammed with the day-to-day, it requires dedication, foresight, and perseverance to ongoingly step beyond what’s in front of you and look at the overall processes that REALLY contribute to our overall success.

The reality is, as good as we are at our jobs and as dedicated we are to our vision, and as big as our vision is, its nearly impossible to be the one doing the work and be the architect of the business at the same time. (To be both in it AND designing it.)

We get drowned in the day-to-day, focusing on keeping the clients we have happy, leaning off of tracking and analyzing the data that helps us to get more clients. Or, we get caught up onboarding clients who barely move our bottom line, diverting ourselves from potentially bigger clients who have the power to grow our business substantially. (Of course, that would require more marketing materials, and given your current biz opps, creating time for that occurs as a project of its own 🥵.) Or perhaps, while you’ve managed to keep a somewhat harmonious flow in overall business operations, there are critical areas that need attention to unlock your business’s full potential, and your time and attention have been scattered.

The immediate needs of the business drown out the big picture and others opinions, voices, and needs seem to meld with our own to where we forget what WE wanted to be focused on.

And, unfortunately, when we’re spending our time IN the show, there’s no one LEADING it.

That’s one of the areas where I come in — by holding the grand vision for your business, I’m able to see whats in the way of accomplishing your monthly and yearly goals and what needs to SHIFT for you to build the business you dreamed of.

I’ll tell you a secret…

Usually, the things that are stopping us are different than what we think — and in fact, they are much deeper and occur as much more ordinary. Usually, it’s the things that feel normal to us that are actually hindering our success. It’s things like our culture, environment, beliefs, fears, the way we structure our time, money management and financial habits, and the dynamics in our partnerships — all of these things have more influence over our day-to-day conditioning than we realize. In order to reach the level of success you’ve dreamed of, we need to decode and recode all of this.

My role as a coach is not to impose my thoughts; instead, it’s about guiding you back to YOU  to that dream you once had for your business — that DEEP GOAL that HAS to be fulfilled in your lifetime in order for you to feel that it was WORTH IT. And head towards it at LIGHTNING speed.

That’s my mission in life — coaching people back to themselves so that they feel empowered, fiulfilled, and LIT UP about who they are and what they’re creating in the world.

The result is ALWAYS more money, freedom, connection, and self expression.

And, although I’ll never lead with money (and neither will you when you get the importance of everything else i teach — the result is always cold hard cash, with clients seeing up to 200x growth in 2 years, and a tech startup client creating a $100,000,000 valuation in the 3 years that he’s been working with me.

We’re talking BIG RESULTS, BIG NUMBERS, all from small important changes that happen so naturally and fluidly, you’ll wonder how we did it.


Building your confidence prevents hostility and generates speed and productivity.


See your blocks and behaviors from a new perspective that invites freedom and opportunity.


Feel more confident in attaining your goals, letting new goals come naturally, and enabling you to take on MORE, naturally.


Fearlessly impact those around you, including peers and higher-ups, to CREATE your desired environment.


By removing the noise, and targeting goals powerfully, empower your teams to produce more, in less time.


By refocusing on your desired outcomes, start taking on more things that MATTER.

The Essential Connection

Are you the right coach for me?

Choosing a transformational development coach is akin to finding the perfect match in love – it’s all about compatibility. The true power of coaching lies in developing a deep connection that allows the coach to see traits in us that we deny even to ourselves. When they can see that — they can see us. And that’s whats going to make the difference between an ok transformation coach, and a killer coach.

That being said, I’ve been trained in ontological personal and professional leadership development by one of the world’s foremost companies, coaching their coaches from the age of 23 years old. Additionally, I have successfully led a global marketing company to a multiple six-figure business while providing consulting services to high-net-worth clients stretching into the hundreds of millions, and have coached small to midsize businesses and startups from seed stage to growth stage. 

Because transformation coaching differs from structural coaching, one of the most important components for an ontological or transformation coach being able to make a difference for their customers is their genuine interest and care for their clients. It’s as true for you with your clients as it is for us with ours.

My genuine interest and care for my clients are at the heart of making a real difference in their businesses and their lives. My passion is never in “landing accounts” and in fact, I coach a limited number of clients at a time to ensure a hands-on and intimate approach to coaching, working exclusively with hand-selected clients who deeply value their impact and are committed to providing meaningful experiences for their customers.

A client being aligned with our values enables us to instill our core values of Quality, Integrity, and Ability consistently and effectively over time. It’s who you are, it’s who we are.

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