HIPPA-Compliant Healthcare Marketing

Keep Your Medical Marketing HIPPAA-Compliant

Are you one of the medical practitioners whose having a hard time with your digital marketing? You want to increase your online presence but you’re afraid that it’s not fit as HIPAA-compliant marketing.

As millions of people go online everyday to look for health related information and communicate with their healthcare agencies it requires an increasing amount of finesse and cautiousness to ensure that their protected health information (PHI) is safeguarded.

Make your healthcare website HIPAA-compliant with these foolproof HIPPA marketing rules:

  • ● All patient information should be encrypted including appointment forms, online data sheets, and contact forms. You can use a SSL certificate to protect you client’s information. SSL certificates complies with HIPAA’s standards.
  • ● Get a HIPAA compliant server with these elements Remember that complete Data Encryption is needed before storing in the server with a OS patch management, firewall, and server backups.
  • ● Dispose patient’s information after a certain period of time. There’s a certain period of time where patient’s information can be legally retained. It should also be disposed from your back ups and server.
  • ● Maintain an accurate and up-to-date privacy policy on your website that is consistent with any HIPAA-compliance regulations.
  • ● Ensure that you are up-to-date with the FDA’s regulations on how medical practitioners can market their services and products.
  • When it comes to HIPPA regulations it is your responsibility as a medical practitioner to safeguard your client’s information. Although marketing operations have more efficient through technological advancements, they have also become more complicated as these advancements can also affect your medical office’s HIPAA compliance. Maintaining an active online presence while following HIPPA regulations is an artful balance.

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Medical Marketing Experience Matters

Each healthcare and medical company requires uniquely targeted messaging.

Our many years of experience creating targeted messaging includes clients in a variety of healthcare sections including hospitals, medical centers, doctors, surgeons, medical spas and estheticians. Each client is treated differently, depending on their desired results and their potential for ROI, with considerations for marketing avenues that include SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Retargeting Ads, Facebook Ads, Facebook Marketing, and Instagram Management.

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