Social media management and marketing within the healthcare industry requires a highly specialized social media management company, especially in populated cities like South Florida, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, and Boca Raton. (The more populated a city is more of a market there is, and thus, the more your competitors are spending on their social media management.)

While many industries are leaning towards Instagram for their social media marketing, the medical field is one of the few that still leans towards Facebook marketing. There are a variety of reasons for this. One of the main reasons for this is that the demographics on Facebook are about 20 years older than on Instagram. With that said, people on Facebook are have a greater chance of being a potential medical customer. Another factor that makes Facebook a better social media platform for the medical industry is the structure within which Facebook posts are organized. First, the Facebook platform is aesthetically designed for only one piece of content to be dominant in the users mind at a time. That means that a user can focus on one particular post at a time, versus on Instagram it is aesthetically designed in a more flowing fashion which allows people to scroll with their thumb and automatically move past post very quickly. On Instagram the visual is also the most important piece versus on Facebook the caption holds equal if not stronger weight. This means that people are going to be more focused on the verbiage and content on a Facebook post that they are going to be on Instagram. This structure is that automatically more appropriate for medically related posts which are better presented as articles then as visuals… After all, interesting visuals are very difficult to find for the medical community. The Facebook posts are also able to be much longer than Instagram post, allowing for us to really get into detail about a topic. And lastly, Facebook posts allow us to create links, and even allow the photo to be a link to an article. As a sidenote, this makes for a very easy SEO.

An additional factor is that Facebook allows for recommendations of different locations on Facebook, so if some one that you are friends with on Facebook asks who knows a good doctor in Fort Lauderdale, anyone who responds their response will automatically populate that businesses page on Facebook. This in and of itself makes it more important for medical businesses to ensure that their Facebook page is active and up to date. A good social media manager will, at the bare minimum, post once per week to ensure that if a new potential patient Use your Facebook page there will be current and relevant content for them there. This will show them that you are active and alive and ready to answer their questions, whether they ask you that question via chat box, or via the call now button. (P.S if your social media manager has not optimized these buttons, that should be a red flag for you about your agency of choice.)

There’s a certain amount of customer trust on Facebook that is not on Instagram. When a potential client follows you on Facebook and you provide information about a new measles outbreak they are more likely to listen to you than they are on Facebook.

Another factor That makes Facebook a great candidate for medical professionals, including doctors, dentists, medical spas, clinics, and hospital’s, is Facebook’s ability to increase your organic Google rankings.

“Creating high-quality SEO-friendly medical content requires a skilled Google certified search engine optimization expert with experience in copy writing in the medical industry” says Ashley Dadaglio, founder and lead SEO specialist at The Shift Marketing. “Pushing that high-quality content out on a highly active Facebook account could lead to link clicks, which could increase your Google ranking. Tying your Google ranking strategy and your social media plan together is key to great digital marketing for a medical professional.”

The Shift Marketing is a Florida based social media management and search engine optimization company experienced in google rankings and digital marketing for the medical industry including doctors, dentists, PACs and healthcare establishments like clinics and hospitals. Their experience stretches from local SEO for doctors to creating HIPPA-compliant websites for medical spas and hospitals.