Trust a Construction Marketing Specialist 


With our vast experience doing construction company marketing, we have helped clients generate new leads, improve their online presence, and forge stronger relationships with their existing clients.

Our Construction Marketing Services

The Shift Marketing has worked with leading heavy construction companies in the South Florida area to give them a competitive edge in leads & customer acquisition. Our B2B construction marketing specialists bring to the table the talent and services needed to shine the spotlight on your company in today’s highly competitive marketplace, including: strategy, branding, content, web and integrated marketing. We help clients like you address issues such as:

● Lead Generation for Construction
● Professional Online Image
● Website Redesign
● Portfolio Creation
● Reputation Management
● Custom Facebook Content
● Professional Instagram Posts
● Instagram Followers
● Email Marketing

Construction Marketing Experience

With our vast experience in working in the construction field, we are fluent in marketing to various demographics uniquely online.

We have helped brands like Marble of the World, Reliable Concrete Cutting, I-Know-A-Handy-Guy, and Dalio Tile get better Google rankings, generate leads, and build a more professional image online.


Websites for Construction Companies

When it’s time to create a website for your construction business, there are a few things to consider:
● Does this agency understand my demographic?
● Do they know what my clients are looking for?
● Can they design a website that gains potential customers’ trust?
● Can they design a construction website that gets ranked on Google? (SEO)
● Can they design a website that leads my potential customers into action?

We have firsthand experience creating websites for the construction industry that not only look and function well, but communicate with website viewers and convert into clients.

SEO for Construction Companies

Given our deep understanding of the variety of services offered throughout the construction industry and the mindset of its clients, we are able to build powerful websites that easily rank higher on Google.

We achieved #1 Google Placements on over 40 key words for our construction client Reliable Concrete Cutting. Test it for yourself by Googling “Concrete Cutting Pompano” and watch our client appear #1 on Google Maps and #1 in Google Listings.

Read more about our SEO services here.

Facebook Management for Construction Businesses

For many construction professionals, social media management is at the opposite end of the spectrum of their interests or qualifications, thus the need for someone who can fully take social media management and marketing off their plates. The Shift Marketing is able to conceptualize, create, and manage Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter for you from head to toe:
● Professionally designed content
● Full page setup
● Increased followers
● Increased engagement
● Effective page content

Proven Results

● Achieved first place on Google ads for construction company
● Over 60 keywords ranked first place in Google maps rankings for a construction company
●Holding over 80 first-page construction keywords for various clients in the construction industry
● Over 300 high-quality constuction leads generated for a commercial concrete cutting client
● Reliable Cutting Concrete achieved a 223% placement increase for keyword “concrete cutting pompano” (started on the 23rd page, now ranked #1 on Google) and a 113% increase in keyword “concrete cutters west palm beach” (started on the 14th page, now ranked #1 on Google).

Get a One-On-One Consultation For Your Construction Business

• Professional Google Visibility   • Highly-Targeted Facebook Ads
• Higher Google Rankings (SEO)  • Increased Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram Followers