Quality, Integrity, and Ability, that starts with us.

Quality, Integrity, and Ability, that starts with us.

About The Shift Marketing

We are a network of a global digital marketing experts ranging from Google rankings experts in India to web designers and programmers in Lithuania, France, and Peru.

We scoured the world to develop the best team of digital and social media experts for our scale of clients. Our team includes data entry specialists, landing page gurus, graphic design experts, code obsessors, Facebook Ads analysts. 

“I take personal pride in that everyone who works with us loves what they do and the opportunities to work together on international projects.”

Ashley Dadaglio


The Shift Marketing is a certified minority owned marketing agency in Florida. Our creative and witty boss babe, Ashley, is leading The Shift to be one of the most promising woman owned business.

Our “Do-What-You-Love” Philosophy

Each and every person who works with us loves what they do. You’ll find a unique company culture here at The Shift. Whereas many companies have a few people who wear many hats, we encourage team members to only wear the hats they love to wear. The result is a dedicated team of experts who are passionate about the unique areas of digital marketing that they work within your company.

“The result is a bigger team of people who only do tasks they love and excel at and therefore create better results. That’s how our business and employees thrive.”

Ashley Dadaglio


Years of Experience: 11
Position: CEO


Years of Experience: 11
Position: CFO


Years of Experience: 11
Position: SEO Strategist & Google Expert


Position: Web Design

How We Work With You

Dadaglio built this company on the premise of working smarter — not harder. That doesn’t mean cutting corners. It usually means paying more attention to detail, and doing things 100% the first time, and starting from the beginning.

The majority of our work is done in getting to know your brand, its’ goals, demographics, successes, failures, and spirit. We also get to know the internal components of your brand and the people who work for your brand. Who are you internally? Does that shine through? Who built this company, why, and for whom or what purpose? When we truly know and understand your brand, we easily understand what to say to clients, and on which marketing channels.