If you’ve ever wondered how to promote your medical practice, this post should be your best friend in helping you figure out the best marketing tools for your medical practice.

Do you spend most of your time with your patients and sometimes get overwhelmed marketing the business side?  With the help of a great marketing expert there are plenty of simple, stress-free ways to market your medical practice. We rounded up the most important and effective ways that can help boost your practice.


1. Start by looking at what has already been working for your business.

So many businesses are eager to look for new marketing avenues that they forget to look for whats already working for them. Go back through your books and figure out where you’ve acquired patients from in the past. If there is one specific area that has been pulling them in, refocus on that. For many new healthcare businesses this may be word-of-mouth or referrals. If referrals is your most successful marketing avenue that tells you something huge. That means that your patients are your best source of new clients. If that’s the case, why not focus on doing these:

  • Build a referral system
  • Create an event for your loyal customers. Take this opportunity to give public presentations 
  • Contests for the people who send you the most referrals
  • Send loyal patients gifts or give them discounts

Lavishly thanking your patients who promote you can go along way to building a strong database of patients for the long-term. Not to mention this are perfect marketing strategies for a small medical practice as well.

If most of your patients come from Yelp or LinkedIn, then we would advise you to continue focusing on those channels.

When you’re looking for what’s already been working, don’t just look for the marketing verticals. Look for the language, the approach, and the techniques that have already been working.

The bottom line is you should know what has been working and continue to focus on that.


2. Find new avenues that resonate with your patient base and potential patients

This is the second piece of the puzzle, while it’s important to focus on the avenues that have proven to work, if you’ve ended up here you’re likely ready for some new verticals as well.


When looking for new verticals, you have to know who you are to know where you fit into them. So start with listing who you are as a business. (We do this with our new clients all the time.) Create just 5 to 10 bullet points of the things that you think make your business successful.

Then, using those qualities as a base, consider which social media channels would be best to market those success points. For example, if one of your medspa’s strengths is that your practitioners are young and hip, you might consider marketing on Instagram. If your medical practice’s strength is a strong network of dedicated followers, Facebook might be a great platform for you to connect with them and strengthen your bond. Getting a Social Media management team will be helpful.

3. Consider the financial status of your existing business to determine if a short term or long term marketing strategy would be more appropriate for your business.

Often times shorter more aggressive strategy can be more costly than longer-term strategies. We have worked on long-term SEO plans with clients that took 16 months to pay themselves off, but when they did, they did! So you’ll want to be prepared with how risky and how long or short term of a strategy you’re prepared for.

Once you have an idea of the marketing channels and your budget that you would like to explore, this might be a good point to consult a digital marketing professional for an hour or two to explore the different marketing options.

I’ve witnessed many clients fail because they tried too many options that don’t actually make sense for reaching their target and demographics, or they tried a marketing technique, but not for as long as they would need to, or they invested in marketing, but they are not prepared for fulfillment. They might not have the right staff in place or the right tools to automate bookings online. For this reason it is important to consult with a marketing professional to ensure that you are on the right track.


An honest digital marketer will always tell you the best route for your particular practice — regardless of wether thats marketing with them. Sometimes, depending on the demographic, budget, and desired turnaround time, a print marketing campaign or simple bench ad might be able to do the trick, so regardless of which marketer you to speak with, make sure that you trust them. That you are on the same page, that they understand your business, your industry, your budget, and how quickly you need to see an ROI.

Having a good marketing plan can effectively increase your client base. Knowing that the business side of your practice is taken care of, you’ll be able to focus on your business overall, and thus ensuring better quality of service .

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